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Our Independence is very important to us and it should be very important to you

We are independent financial advisors with access to all the main financial providers in the market.

So few people realise that when they walk in the door of their Bank the Bank is usually tied to One Life Company, and they are obviously going to offer one set of Interest rates, their own, so are you getting best advice?
Because we look after our clients, 99% of our business is referral based, in other words our past clients recommend, you, our future clients because of their experience with us. 


FOH Financial Limited was founded in 2006. The founder and Managing Director Frances O’Hanlon started her career in Banking, and she has over 25 years experience in the area of Banking and Financial Services.

In 2006 Frances saw a very obvious need for Independent Financial Advice in the market, and she left the bank to start her own business, FOH Financial Ltd.

Frances has spent the last number of years building her own business as an Independent Advisor. She has also dedicated a lot of time in recent years, working in the Mortgage arrears & Debt problem area, by lobbying the Government, she contributed to the Cooney Committee and also presented to The Oireachtas Committee on the subject. She has also spent a lot of time engaging the media and trying to educate the general public in the areas of Personal Finance, and has worked tirelessly to secure the change she sees as crucial, for those people in Mortgage and Debt difficulty.

Frances O’Hanlon’s candid approach in the area of finance has proved successful to date and she continues to head up FOH Financial Ltd, a busy practice dealing in all areas of finance, she is a QFA, and specifically qualified in the area of Debt Management Services, she is  also a PIP (Personal Insolvency Practitioner), and a Director of Hibernia Insolvency Solutions Limited.

The team at FOH Financial Limited includes, Biddy Purcell & Valerie Allen who are also Qualified Financial Advisors, and also specifically qualified in the area of Debt Management Services and they have worked at the firm for 8 & 7 years respectively. 

Buying a new property?

If you are looking for a Mortgage be it, you are a 1st Time Buyer, Trading Up or buying for Investment or Business/Commercial, we are Independent Mortgage Advisors, with access to all main mortgage providers. If you have an existing Mortgage and you want advice on how to arrive at a day when you are Mortgage free, a bit sooner, or if you currently find yourself in difficulty with your Mortgage, contact us.

Managing your Money

We know that sometimes it feels like you are constantly juggling money even if you are earning a good net salary ! Everybody needs a budget plan no matter what their earnings. Yet many people are throwing money away by leaving their hard earned cash sitting in no/low interest accounts in Banks, Credit Unions etc.

Pensions - You will retire someday

It has been well documented that our population is ageing, that our future State Pension is in question and it will most certainly be under pressure. Add issues around Defined Benefit Pension schemes, and the losses some Pension funds incurred. It’s no wonder people are cynical, BUT you will retire someday and you need to save for that day and the sooner the better

Financing Your Education

When should you start saving for your children’s education? We would say from the moment they are born. How about investing in yourself ? by enhancing your own education?

The Power of a Plan... take control

That old cliché fail to prepare, prepare to fail, but it's true. Your financial health and financial future is too important not to have a plan.

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